I need a better hobby

One of my faults I can say for sure is I have a tendency to constantly reassess myself. Now for some people, taking a step back to look at the big picture can be immensely helpful and can give you the opportunity to pick new priorities. For me, this happens too often and a lot of times I end up running too fast towards one thing only to decided on a whim that it was a dire mistake and now I’m sprinting back to the start only to end up some wheres else before the race has even started. I get so excited about that new something and then when it doesn’t work out the way I want, I run the other way onto the next something hoping for better. I always need to feel like I’m in constant motion or control and I feel like a complete failure when I’m not.

This blog was a blip of one of my MANY impulses. My personality makes me a crazy fad dieter, always looking for the real truth. I’m always looking for the best way to do something and I research the shit out of it. I constantly need something to plan and obsess over and that is where I fail. I talked before about a few years ago when I lost the most weight and for the past couple years I’ve been trying to really figure out what I did. I researched so much about nutrition and I did the Paleo Diet. Then I started reading A LOT into healthy and organic foods; I watched so many documentaries on being fat, juicing and then I convinced myself the only way for me to survive was to only eat foods from the Farmer’s market. I also convinced myself I had a sever food addiction that I was dead set on curing myself of. I literally was taking the rules of almost every single diet I’d ever read about and applying them to the way I ate food at the same time. Like eating the most whole grain nutritionally amazing bread and thinking I just messed my diet up because my insulin levels were going to go crazy and this one piece of bread was going to make me fat, Like I was being seriously CRAY. So then today, I’m reading 4 Hour Body and it all came to me at once.

The reason I’m failing is because I’m taking this too far.

I lost more weight 2 years ago when I knew literally NOTHING about nutrition and all I did was make a couple small changes and then continued on with my life. I followed a general set of rules pretty loosely, didn’t put too much pressure on myself and still got drunk when I wanted too without fear of failure. I had one cheat day a week and other then that I had a life. The difference now is that my quest for the perfect healthy lifestyle became exactly what I didn’t want; an obsession. So today I’m going to start something I haven’t done in a while and that’s making a conscious effort to be content with where I am right now. Change will happen whether I force it or not.

Well, that was defiantly a fab therapy session for me and maybe it could help someone else too. Lesson learned today is too enjoy things and not take them too seriously. This blog will probably turn into something different then what I intended but I guess that’s the beauty of it.

Have a fab day all ūüėČ – Shanelle



DAY FIVE: Moroccan Mustard Micro-Post

¬† ¬†I feel like I’ve made it over a hump. Like now I’m in the clear! Cravings arne’t as strong and I was perfectly happy eating my lunch of chicken and mashed carrots and turnip. I even turned down FREE cupcakes! There was even random food like potato salad and greek pasta from a pot luck. This guy on my team came over to see if I wanted anything and I said I couldn’t eat any of it. He ended up trying to find something that I could eat and it was delish! Anyways, I’m noticing that I’m having an easier time turning things down.

¬† ¬†Now, this isn’t really like a fancy recipe but I mentioned in an earlier post some moroccan mustard I found. Today was an easy meal day because I just made veggies, had some leftover beef and baked the mustard on the chicken! So good!

ImageSo I really love this stuff. It’s good as a dip for things but I found when I baked it it almost became spicy (by my non-spicy eater standards)! Ingredients are all Paleo and it’s inspired me to try and find some other ‘dip’ recipes. I know it’s really easy to make Mayonnaise, so I think that will be my next project! I’m also going to start scouring the grocery stores and try finding other ‘packaged’ Paleo finds. Probably won’t find very much but it will be interesting to see!¬†

My fridge is running out of random things pretty quickly so tomorrow I hope to find some good bacon, coconut flour and coconut milk. Maybe with these things I can make some amazing cupcakes or whipped ‘cream’. Now that I’m starting to feel better and accept my 25 more days I’m excited for the recipes I’ll be making. Plus, you guys won’t have to listen to my sorry drabs about feeling crappy. More recipes, less life story! Can’t wait!

Happy Eating !

Quick Update!

Weighed myself this morning and I’ve broken the 5 pound threshold! So I’ve lost 10 pounds since November and 5 of those were this week. Yay Paleo!

DAY FOUR: Crock-pot and apologies

¬† ¬†So today I’m going to skip the inspirational gibber-jabber and just say today was okay. I don’t fell amazing but I don’t feel terrible either. I noticed I wasn’t physically craving bread very much today either. Almost like my body is like, dammit, she’s not going to cave. ¬†Anyways, I made a crockpot beef roast yesterday but I felt so sick to my stomach that when I tasted it, I hated it. Today I tried it again and actually loved it. Patrick thought it was good too. I think that means 7/10.¬†

¬† ¬†So unfortunately I can’t find the original recipe and I apologize. I tend to not 100% measure things, so at least with the original you can compare. Anyways, crock-pot meals tend to be more forgiving.¬†

Sterling Beef roast
1/2 can of Canned Tomatoes
1/2 cup Balsamic Vinagrette
1/2 cup Dry White Wine
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Onion
Chili powder

¬† ¬†So in a dutch oven or on a frying pan, heat the oil and braise both side of the beef roast. Cut up the onions and place them at the bottom of the crock-pot. Once the beef is browned on both sides put in crock-pot. Cover the beef in chill-powder, garlic, pepper and a bit of parsley. In a separate bowl, mix the 1/2 cup (I may have been a bit more generous) Balsamic Vinaigrette and the canned tomatoes. Pour mixture over the beef. Now pour the white wine in the frying pan just to mix in the juices and oil. Pour that all over the beef. The mixtures should be about half-covering the beef. Set your crock pot and let it sit for 6-8 hours! ALL DONE.¬†Now I would apologize again for my lack of quality and quantity of pictures. I swear I’ll be betterrrrrrrrr! Also, I understand white wine is not ‘Paleo’ but we still need to look at the 80/20. Who’s to say our ancestors didn’t love accidentally finding fermented fruit?¬†

Happy Eating!Image

DAY THREE: Never give up!

¬† ¬†So the books I’ve read specifically say you will not feel great the first two weeks. What they don’t say, is you actually feel like a giant pile of shit! I am writing this post feeling horribly nauseous. My body is so mad right now. There was nachos with sour cream and dip in the lunchroom today and I just sat there staring at it eating a carrot with no dip because the ingredients were as far from Paleo as you can get. I probably asked myself twenty-times why in the world I’m doing this because it sucks. I want a pogo.

¬† ¬†But then of course I came back to my desk and told the girl who sits next to me I really wanted popcorn and that I had a bag in my drawer. She gave me a snarl and said I couldn’t do it and that I had gone too far now, I couldn’t turn back. True! These three days would be worse if I just gave up. Which made me think of all the times I’ve given on something. Wether it be a diet, exercising, or a goal. I could have so many more things accomplished if I had never given up on things that I was already doing. Where would I be at this point if I hadn’t given up last year when I lost that weight? All those long hours at the gym or not eating that cake for what? I don’t want to be someone that gives up easily. Most of all I don’t be known to be one of those people. Someone that starts and never finishes. Who tells you their on a new diet and you roll your eyes and wonder how long it will last. Today, sitting there staring at that stupid bowl of nachos I realized that I need to finish this no matter what. If I can’t even keep something up for 30 days, can I really truly commit to anything. I need to prove to myself that I have the discipline to see this through. So, I’m home now, eating an apple and all I have to do is stay in my room.¬†

    So take things day by day. Hour by hour if you need to! But at the end of that day smile because you made it through one more!

Okay. Inspiration OVER. Now, for my recipe! Because these recipes are Paleo they do have pretty simple recipes and instructions, which I love! The first recipe is for Spicy Honey Chicken. It’s from The Girl Who ate Everything¬†and it really wasn’t bad! It would have been way better without the Coriander because I’ve decided I HATE coriander. I also substituted agave for honey only because I was half way through making it and realized I didn’t have any left.¬†

ImageSo I mixed Garlic Powder, Coriander and chill powder in a little bowl then tossed it with a little olive oil with the chicken. Heat the oven to 375 and throw them in! Once the chicken was done, about 35mins-ish, cover with a bit of honey (or agave). The honey would defiantly been yummier so if you have it use it. Just let it heat up a bit, maybe 6 mins then take the chicken out. You don’t want to leave it in too long because then the sugar in the honey burns and makes a yucky black mess on your pan.¬†

So I cut up some red cabbage and mix in some almonds and balsamic vinaigrette! Easey Peasey! I heated the whole thing up together because I have also decided I don’t like cabbage unless its hot. Now I know I said I would post a roast beef recipe, but I tried some and didn’t love it! So there’s your recipe for today!!Image


Happy Eating !


DAY TWO: Addiction

So yesterday was day two and I had every intention of posting however I was so miserable ¬†I didn’t leave my bed. I had a migraine so bad I laid in the dark for 8 hours. It was such a waste. Anyways, because this headache was so bad I couldn’t sleep very much which gave me a lot of time to think.The only thing is that all I could think about in my sorry state was a thick slice of bread with melty butter on top.

So remember in my post on Sunday when I said the fourth or fifth day were going to be hard? Yeah, I was so wrong. Especially feeling sick and being home, I really didn’t feel like cooking. I just wanted a grilled cheese with some packaged soup SO BAD. Which made me realize, are we really ADDICTED to these kinds of carbohydrates? I never would have thought that after one full day of not eating any bread, milk or grains I would be having this difficult of a time. I started thinking back to what I ate the weeks before. Surely there had to be a day before this that I hadn’t eaten any carbs from bread, pasta or grains. I actually don’t believe that day existed before now. I mean there was days I had gone without meat and maybe more then a few days without veggies but NEVER have I ever gone a day without at least eating some crackers or a peice of toast.

The other thing I noticed on day two related to something I heard Robb Wolf say in his interview with Joe Rogan. How many times have you polished off a bag of chips and still felt hungry? How many times have you eaten something, and you only felt full once you are about to explode? What Robb was saying, is that when you eat gluten it slows down the horomone that signals your brain that you’re full. So yesterday after supper which I will post about later, I had some apples with cocoa and cinnamon for dessert. I ate about half and then decided to lay back down for a bit. We were watching TV and normally by this time I’d be elbows deep in a big bowl of popcorn. Now I defiantly am one of those TV eaters, the people that like to eat just because you are watching something. So after a few minutes, I picked up my plate of apples again and started eating. I ate one and immediatly put the plate down. I was SO full! I ate just over half an apple and there was no way I could eat anymore! “How could this be?? I’ve eaten giant bowls of popcorn before and still been hungry!” I thought. But that’s when it all made sense. Because the gluten wasn’t stoping the hormones from reaching my brain, it was finally getting the signal to stop eating. CRAY. That’s why many people say it’s really hard to over-eat on Paleo because you actually realize when youre full. And seriously who WANTS to eat a pound of broccoli anyway?

So I ended up sticking to my diet and didn’t slip up for some bread or the granola bars in the cupboard. So for lunch I had Pancetta with Avocados and Cabbage. It really wasn’t bad! Then supper I made turkey sausages with carrots, broccoli and mashed cauliflower. It’s the first time I’ve made mashed cauliflower and though I didn’t love it like I thought I would, it really wasn’t all that bad. Anyways, I’ll post a picture of supper later with a recipe but the photos are on my camera and I don’t feel like doing all that right now before work. I will also have two more recipes that I’m going to post tonight after work for what I made today! Stay tuned, theres WINE involved


Happy Eating !

DAY ONE: It’s not so hard…


¬† ¬†The other day I officially declared that I would start my 30 day Paleo Diet. I have started making a few Paleo meals before this though and since Friday I would say, I’ve been eating mostly protein, fat and carbs. I’m sure you’re thinking, gee I wonder how much weight she’s gained. Twelve pounds and counting will probably be fifteen. Sorry everyone, but in three days I have lost two pounds. You can probably equate it to some water weight but it’s something! Regardless, I’m actually excited to do this “diet” because to me it makes the most sense.

¬† ¬†Basically, you eat like a caveman. If you can hunt or gather it, then you can eat it! Can you hunt a french loaf? Can you gather that chocolate cake? NO! Just because humans were able to create bread and pasta, sweets and puddings doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for our digestion and function. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years. Changing and adapting to our environment through natural selection to become Homo Sapiens. Before the agricultural revolution (10,000 years ago) humans with the almost the SAME genetic make up as us, didn’t eat wheat or grains and had evolved up until that point without. There has been 333 generations between now and the Agricultural Revolution, which is no where near enough to produce significant evolution.¬†

    So the basics of the diet are yes to:

  • lean proteins (fish, lean beef, eggs, turkey etc.)
  • Fruit (apples, bananas, pears etc.)
  • Veggies (artichoke, green beans, broccoli, spinach etc.)
  • Nuts and Seeds (cashews, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds etc.)

¬† ¬†That list makes up proteins and carbs. You are also allowed good fats and oils like olive oil and avocados. The other thing I really loved about the Paleo diet is that the authors and founders of the books I’ve read acknowledge that it can be pretty hard in modern society to follow. Robb Wolf, who’s book I enjoyed the most, plays by the 80/20 rule. Follow the diet as best you can 80% of the time and the other 20% is for the times you might want to eat like everyone else. He likes to use his 20% on clear alcohols. To turn something like this into a lifestyle, we need to be realistic. Cavemen ate a perfect diet because if they didn’t, they would starve and die, we on the other hand can make a conscious choice, we will live either way. Just with the Paleo diet, probably with less diseases.

¬† ¬† Now, I don’t want to go on too long, but the best intro on Paleo is an article on NerdFitness. They do a really amazing job of covering everything and they are really funny. On the intro their is also this video:

Which visually shows your cells. If you’re interested.

¬† ¬†Oh gosh! This is just too much! Too many restrictions! I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes about how this is a fad and how it’s just too hard to not eat dairy, pasta, grains, wheat and preservatives. It’s not! Look what I had today:

Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg, pancetta and apples with cinnamon.

   I probably could have had another egg, but when I got hungry again I just ate the other half of the apple. I also should have had some sort of veggie, but oh well!

Next for lunch, I had leftover peppercorn steak with broccoli and the yummiest mustard I’ve ever had. I found it at Winners, and after checking the ingredients found it was Paleo! I love dips!

Image¬†So good! All steamy and full of goodness. I got the steak at The Keg with veggies saturday night and though I didn’t ask what the ingredients were exactly, it’s defiantly very close to being 100% paleo or maybe a little off. But like I mentioned earlier, perfection is hard to sustain. Then I made Patrick pizza, which was hard to not have a piece. I did steal some pepperoni. I made myself something separate though.¬†ImageTilapia crusted in milled flax seed, oregano, parsley and garlic powder. I cooked in a pan with some coconut oil and no, it didn’t taste coconut-y at all. Then I boiled up some potatoes with the intention of then baking so that they would end up like french fries but I got bored waiting for them so I just said screw it! I also threw on some salad which I did get from a bag and then added balsamic vinaigrette.

¬† ¬†So was that so hard? NO! Except for my momentary lapse for some pepperoni I think my first day went pretty well. Now for a snack later I’ll probably have some almonds and maybe a peach. I predict day 4 or 5 is going to be tough because I really do love cheese with bread (yes, in that order) but after I break through those few days I’ll just get used to not eating it.¬†

¬† ¬†Well, that’s all for now I guess but PLEASE comment here on my blog, my Facebook, Twitter¬†or Instagram @shanelleamn !¬†

Happy Eating!