Christmas Party!

   So this years I volunteered to throw my work Christmas party. At first, I intended to just have people over, we could all drink and be merry until the night’s end. And then, curses to you Pinterest, there were SO MANY amazing ideas for Christmas Parties. I couldn’t just ave the same old thing. So I set myself a budget (50$) and started my plan for a wonderful party. I had games , prizes, and treat bags. It was a pot luck too so that brought the cost down also. But really, having a pot luck is so wonderful because you get to see all the wonderful dishes OTHER people dream up!
   So we had a Trivia game; highest score was 5/9. Note to self: EASIER QUESTIONS. Then we had an un-wrap the Christmas present game. Both very fun! I’m so glad I did plan some games because it really brought everyone together instead of in mini-groups. Then people started filtering out the door, not leaving without their treat-bags!

   Christmas Popcorn ! VERY EASY. Make a bunch of popcorn, melt some white chocolate chips and pour it on top with some butter and salt. Shake on some red and green sprinkles and voila! Everybody really seemed to like it AND it was really inexpensive. Anyways, the Christmas Party really was wonderful and I thank everyone who came. There will probably be one next year if you missed it !! 🙂

Merry Christmas!


One response to “Christmas Party!”

  1. Charlene says :

    I wish I could of been there! It seems you had a well planned party and if the rumors are true a good time was had by all. I can’t wait till 2013’s Christmas party!

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