It’s a Christmas Miracle !

   I would just like to wish everyone a wonderful and merry christmas! I hope you get to spend it with all of your loved ones, eating and drinking until your heart is content (I know I will)! I love christmas so so much. There’s just something about decorating a tree and listening to those old christmas songs that just gets me! Maybe living in such a high-paced and technologically advanced society, I just crave those old-timey traditions. Yeah whatever, get to the recipes, I’m sure you’re thinking. I won’t get too much more philosophical then that but seriously, I LOVE christmas. I’ve watched every christmas movie I could; Elf at least 3 times, and I’ve baked so many cookies my twelve pounds and counting has turned into 14. But really, it couldn’t be Christmas without movies and all the wonderful fattening foods! Which leads me into my post! What a surprise…
   As I’ve said before I live with three boys. All big and hungry and big and hungry. So because we aren’t going to eat enough Christmas dinners already between the four of us, I said, why not do one more?? I’m not completely sane. Okay, so it really wasn’t so bad because I had some help from Old Faithful Costco and my aunt, who gave me her amazing ham glaze recipe. It turned out really wonderful and it was really nice to have us all together at the table. But the Christmas miracle came after supper! I was told to go sit and they cleaned the whole kitchen! All working as a team just taking out dishes left and right. Truly delightful. So even though I’m sure none of them will read this* I would like to say thank you thank you !! Alright, Alright, on to the food!

*Except Patrick, it’s his duty as supportive boyfriend ❤

   Alright, so here one thing I’ve learned since becoming all domestic and stuff. Cooking a big meal is HARD by yourself. Now I understand why when we went to someone’s house for christmas dinner my mum and aunts would all be in the kitchen cooking everything for like hours before. So, make it easy on yourself and buy some pre-cooked stuff. I know this goes kind of against the purpose of a food blog. All the blogs I follow have homemade ANYTHING recipes but guess what? I don’t have time for that. I could have thrown some mashed potatoes and gravy on a pizza pop and the roommates would have still devoured it. No, they would probably have taken cues from Epic Mealtime and thrown on a bacon weave soaked in whiskey then eaten it. Okay, defiantly off track.
   So, this is a wonderfully pre-cooked ham! I dumped a can of pineapple, with some brown sugar on top and popped it in the oven for 50 minutes. Now, the directions say wrap tightly in tin-foil, and you really should wait until the ham is 30 mins away from being done before putting the actual pineapple on it. It turned out pretty good, but I think I’ll follow the directions next time. I also used the cooked pineapple juice for a ham glaze which turned into a syrup because I put WAY too much cornstarch. I never said I was a good cook, I just enjoy it!
   Next I “made” chicken. Normally, people have turkey but I don’t have 5 hours to cook a turkey and chicken is just as good. This is also a pre-cooked chicken. To spruce it up I poured a can of chicken broth overtop and surrounded it with onion. Then, I covered it in oregano, basil and garlic powder. I put it in the oven and then at some point I poured some of the chicken broth back over the top. I think I will do this again sometime because it was really easy and an already cooked whole chicken from Costco is cheaper then all the individual pieces. Plus, it’s pretty enough that you could probably tell people you spent the whole day roasting and slaving and spicing! Wait, it’s rude to lie…

“Wait, don’t eat yet! I need to take a picture for my blog!” has become my new catch phrase. It usually is followed by groans.



   Then obviously once you’ve finished a huge meal you’re supposed to do a shot. Yes, mine is the wimpy baby one. Yes, I did chase it with old diet pepsi. 

   So what did I learn today?

  • Read the directions! 
  • Before boiling the potatoes, find out how long ham takes to cook,
  • Once you realize how long it takes, don’t start making everything else anyway,
  • Do NOT put a ham in a pie tin to cook. I took it out of the oven to our the juices back on it and dropped it. The pineapples went EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, CJ helped me scoop them off the bottom of the oven but at 380 degrees some pesky ones just started burning,
  • Follow directions! If someone tells you to add 3 tbs of cornstarch, don’t guess! I now have three containers full of water-down ham glaze (even though it is super delicious)
  • Don’t put anything on the table until people are already sitting. You just spent all that time cooking and it still ends up in the microwave

   Well, there it is. My christmas dinner post. It’s seems more like a what NOT to do post but all the food really did turn out good with all the mishaps. I’m sorry it’s not very detailed but I really didn’t make anything to extravagant. It’s post like these that make it pretty obvious I have a hard time following directions. I like to just throw things together an see how they turn out.

   Also, I don’t really know why, but I have chosen tomorrow as the start date for my get seriously healthy adventure. I’m not sure if it will end up being tomorrow because then it’ll the 25th and I’ll be back to stuffing my face. I think I’ll post my workouts tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t post a video of me doing it. I’d have to have a six pack before I let the internet watch me workout! Until tomorrow,

Merry Christmas and Happy Eating!


One response to “It’s a Christmas Miracle !”

  1. Charlene says :

    Everything looks wonderful. It looks like it was a yummy dinner! The one thing I have learned over the years. Enjoy the eats and offerings on holidays and any special occasion, partake because you can be good on the remaining days of the year, eating wise that is. For me it’s all about portion control.

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