DAY ONE: It’s not so hard…


   The other day I officially declared that I would start my 30 day Paleo Diet. I have started making a few Paleo meals before this though and since Friday I would say, I’ve been eating mostly protein, fat and carbs. I’m sure you’re thinking, gee I wonder how much weight she’s gained. Twelve pounds and counting will probably be fifteen. Sorry everyone, but in three days I have lost two pounds. You can probably equate it to some water weight but it’s something! Regardless, I’m actually excited to do this “diet” because to me it makes the most sense.

   Basically, you eat like a caveman. If you can hunt or gather it, then you can eat it! Can you hunt a french loaf? Can you gather that chocolate cake? NO! Just because humans were able to create bread and pasta, sweets and puddings doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for our digestion and function. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years. Changing and adapting to our environment through natural selection to become Homo Sapiens. Before the agricultural revolution (10,000 years ago) humans with the almost the SAME genetic make up as us, didn’t eat wheat or grains and had evolved up until that point without. There has been 333 generations between now and the Agricultural Revolution, which is no where near enough to produce significant evolution. 

    So the basics of the diet are yes to:

  • lean proteins (fish, lean beef, eggs, turkey etc.)
  • Fruit (apples, bananas, pears etc.)
  • Veggies (artichoke, green beans, broccoli, spinach etc.)
  • Nuts and Seeds (cashews, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds etc.)

   That list makes up proteins and carbs. You are also allowed good fats and oils like olive oil and avocados. The other thing I really loved about the Paleo diet is that the authors and founders of the books I’ve read acknowledge that it can be pretty hard in modern society to follow. Robb Wolf, who’s book I enjoyed the most, plays by the 80/20 rule. Follow the diet as best you can 80% of the time and the other 20% is for the times you might want to eat like everyone else. He likes to use his 20% on clear alcohols. To turn something like this into a lifestyle, we need to be realistic. Cavemen ate a perfect diet because if they didn’t, they would starve and die, we on the other hand can make a conscious choice, we will live either way. Just with the Paleo diet, probably with less diseases.

    Now, I don’t want to go on too long, but the best intro on Paleo is an article on NerdFitness. They do a really amazing job of covering everything and they are really funny. On the intro their is also this video:

Which visually shows your cells. If you’re interested.

   Oh gosh! This is just too much! Too many restrictions! I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes about how this is a fad and how it’s just too hard to not eat dairy, pasta, grains, wheat and preservatives. It’s not! Look what I had today:

Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg, pancetta and apples with cinnamon.

   I probably could have had another egg, but when I got hungry again I just ate the other half of the apple. I also should have had some sort of veggie, but oh well!

Next for lunch, I had leftover peppercorn steak with broccoli and the yummiest mustard I’ve ever had. I found it at Winners, and after checking the ingredients found it was Paleo! I love dips!

Image So good! All steamy and full of goodness. I got the steak at The Keg with veggies saturday night and though I didn’t ask what the ingredients were exactly, it’s defiantly very close to being 100% paleo or maybe a little off. But like I mentioned earlier, perfection is hard to sustain. Then I made Patrick pizza, which was hard to not have a piece. I did steal some pepperoni. I made myself something separate though. ImageTilapia crusted in milled flax seed, oregano, parsley and garlic powder. I cooked in a pan with some coconut oil and no, it didn’t taste coconut-y at all. Then I boiled up some potatoes with the intention of then baking so that they would end up like french fries but I got bored waiting for them so I just said screw it! I also threw on some salad which I did get from a bag and then added balsamic vinaigrette.

   So was that so hard? NO! Except for my momentary lapse for some pepperoni I think my first day went pretty well. Now for a snack later I’ll probably have some almonds and maybe a peach. I predict day 4 or 5 is going to be tough because I really do love cheese with bread (yes, in that order) but after I break through those few days I’ll just get used to not eating it. 

   Well, that’s all for now I guess but PLEASE comment here on my blog, my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @shanelleamn ! 

Happy Eating! 



One response to “DAY ONE: It’s not so hard…”

  1. Karen Ferg says :

    you’ve got me sold, shanelle. I am going to give it a try!

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