DAY THREE: Never give up!

   So the books I’ve read specifically say you will not feel great the first two weeks. What they don’t say, is you actually feel like a giant pile of shit! I am writing this post feeling horribly nauseous. My body is so mad right now. There was nachos with sour cream and dip in the lunchroom today and I just sat there staring at it eating a carrot with no dip because the ingredients were as far from Paleo as you can get. I probably asked myself twenty-times why in the world I’m doing this because it sucks. I want a pogo.

   But then of course I came back to my desk and told the girl who sits next to me I really wanted popcorn and that I had a bag in my drawer. She gave me a snarl and said I couldn’t do it and that I had gone too far now, I couldn’t turn back. True! These three days would be worse if I just gave up. Which made me think of all the times I’ve given on something. Wether it be a diet, exercising, or a goal. I could have so many more things accomplished if I had never given up on things that I was already doing. Where would I be at this point if I hadn’t given up last year when I lost that weight? All those long hours at the gym or not eating that cake for what? I don’t want to be someone that gives up easily. Most of all I don’t be known to be one of those people. Someone that starts and never finishes. Who tells you their on a new diet and you roll your eyes and wonder how long it will last. Today, sitting there staring at that stupid bowl of nachos I realized that I need to finish this no matter what. If I can’t even keep something up for 30 days, can I really truly commit to anything. I need to prove to myself that I have the discipline to see this through. So, I’m home now, eating an apple and all I have to do is stay in my room. 

    So take things day by day. Hour by hour if you need to! But at the end of that day smile because you made it through one more!

Okay. Inspiration OVER. Now, for my recipe! Because these recipes are Paleo they do have pretty simple recipes and instructions, which I love! The first recipe is for Spicy Honey Chicken. It’s from The Girl Who ate Everything and it really wasn’t bad! It would have been way better without the Coriander because I’ve decided I HATE coriander. I also substituted agave for honey only because I was half way through making it and realized I didn’t have any left. 

ImageSo I mixed Garlic Powder, Coriander and chill powder in a little bowl then tossed it with a little olive oil with the chicken. Heat the oven to 375 and throw them in! Once the chicken was done, about 35mins-ish, cover with a bit of honey (or agave). The honey would defiantly been yummier so if you have it use it. Just let it heat up a bit, maybe 6 mins then take the chicken out. You don’t want to leave it in too long because then the sugar in the honey burns and makes a yucky black mess on your pan. 

So I cut up some red cabbage and mix in some almonds and balsamic vinaigrette! Easey Peasey! I heated the whole thing up together because I have also decided I don’t like cabbage unless its hot. Now I know I said I would post a roast beef recipe, but I tried some and didn’t love it! So there’s your recipe for today!!Image


Happy Eating !



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