DAY TWO: Addiction

So yesterday was day two and I had every intention of posting however I was so miserable  I didn’t leave my bed. I had a migraine so bad I laid in the dark for 8 hours. It was such a waste. Anyways, because this headache was so bad I couldn’t sleep very much which gave me a lot of time to think.The only thing is that all I could think about in my sorry state was a thick slice of bread with melty butter on top.

So remember in my post on Sunday when I said the fourth or fifth day were going to be hard? Yeah, I was so wrong. Especially feeling sick and being home, I really didn’t feel like cooking. I just wanted a grilled cheese with some packaged soup SO BAD. Which made me realize, are we really ADDICTED to these kinds of carbohydrates? I never would have thought that after one full day of not eating any bread, milk or grains I would be having this difficult of a time. I started thinking back to what I ate the weeks before. Surely there had to be a day before this that I hadn’t eaten any carbs from bread, pasta or grains. I actually don’t believe that day existed before now. I mean there was days I had gone without meat and maybe more then a few days without veggies but NEVER have I ever gone a day without at least eating some crackers or a peice of toast.

The other thing I noticed on day two related to something I heard Robb Wolf say in his interview with Joe Rogan. How many times have you polished off a bag of chips and still felt hungry? How many times have you eaten something, and you only felt full once you are about to explode? What Robb was saying, is that when you eat gluten it slows down the horomone that signals your brain that you’re full. So yesterday after supper which I will post about later, I had some apples with cocoa and cinnamon for dessert. I ate about half and then decided to lay back down for a bit. We were watching TV and normally by this time I’d be elbows deep in a big bowl of popcorn. Now I defiantly am one of those TV eaters, the people that like to eat just because you are watching something. So after a few minutes, I picked up my plate of apples again and started eating. I ate one and immediatly put the plate down. I was SO full! I ate just over half an apple and there was no way I could eat anymore! “How could this be?? I’ve eaten giant bowls of popcorn before and still been hungry!” I thought. But that’s when it all made sense. Because the gluten wasn’t stoping the hormones from reaching my brain, it was finally getting the signal to stop eating. CRAY. That’s why many people say it’s really hard to over-eat on Paleo because you actually realize when youre full. And seriously who WANTS to eat a pound of broccoli anyway?

So I ended up sticking to my diet and didn’t slip up for some bread or the granola bars in the cupboard. So for lunch I had Pancetta with Avocados and Cabbage. It really wasn’t bad! Then supper I made turkey sausages with carrots, broccoli and mashed cauliflower. It’s the first time I’ve made mashed cauliflower and though I didn’t love it like I thought I would, it really wasn’t all that bad. Anyways, I’ll post a picture of supper later with a recipe but the photos are on my camera and I don’t feel like doing all that right now before work. I will also have two more recipes that I’m going to post tonight after work for what I made today! Stay tuned, theres WINE involved


Happy Eating !


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