DAY FIVE: Moroccan Mustard Micro-Post

   I feel like I’ve made it over a hump. Like now I’m in the clear! Cravings arne’t as strong and I was perfectly happy eating my lunch of chicken and mashed carrots and turnip. I even turned down FREE cupcakes! There was even random food like potato salad and greek pasta from a pot luck. This guy on my team came over to see if I wanted anything and I said I couldn’t eat any of it. He ended up trying to find something that I could eat and it was delish! Anyways, I’m noticing that I’m having an easier time turning things down.

   Now, this isn’t really like a fancy recipe but I mentioned in an earlier post some moroccan mustard I found. Today was an easy meal day because I just made veggies, had some leftover beef and baked the mustard on the chicken! So good!

ImageSo I really love this stuff. It’s good as a dip for things but I found when I baked it it almost became spicy (by my non-spicy eater standards)! Ingredients are all Paleo and it’s inspired me to try and find some other ‘dip’ recipes. I know it’s really easy to make Mayonnaise, so I think that will be my next project! I’m also going to start scouring the grocery stores and try finding other ‘packaged’ Paleo finds. Probably won’t find very much but it will be interesting to see! 

My fridge is running out of random things pretty quickly so tomorrow I hope to find some good bacon, coconut flour and coconut milk. Maybe with these things I can make some amazing cupcakes or whipped ‘cream’. Now that I’m starting to feel better and accept my 25 more days I’m excited for the recipes I’ll be making. Plus, you guys won’t have to listen to my sorry drabs about feeling crappy. More recipes, less life story! Can’t wait!

Happy Eating !


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