Hello internet friends !

Well , welcome to my blog! Today will begin my new journey of writing about healthy eating , being happy and being fit. Next I’m sure you’ll ask , well what qualifications do you have to tell us how to do all that ? None of course !! I’m not a fitness instructor or a nutritionist in fact I’m just a regular boring person with a laptop. I’m really no different from you at all ! So why in the world are you reading this ? Because even though we may be very similar, I have a passion for cooking and trying as hard as I can to make a conscious effort to improve my life and sharing it with the people around me. And that’s the point of my blog, I’m not the healthiest or fittest person but I certainly would like to be ! Maybe I’ll never have six pack or be able to not stuff my face with wonderful dark chocolate once in a while but I can try as hard as I can to be fit and happy and healthy !

I’m starting this blog for all the regular people who just like to eat !



2 responses to “About”

  1. Kevin says :

    I accept you as my Saviour!!! I’ve just been diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes. To quote Homer Simpson: “Ohhhhh! why do all the bad things have to taste so good……”
    PS: knew your mom when we were about 17 in the Reserves.

  2. shanellenewell says :

    Haha I’ll make sure to post as many yummy recipes I can ! Please keep following along !!

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